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Flare Channel Wire Decking – (Scroll Down for Wire Decking Prices)

The Flare Channel Wire Deck allows for more flexibility. This wire decking can be used on pallet racking with a conventional step crossbeam as well as a structural C-Channel or box beam. Some capacity is lost with the flare channel supports, but the flexibility can make it worth it.

Wire Decking Prices (Call 713-957-1111 to ensure current pricing)

26" X 46"   10/2500 LBS.   = $16.24

36" X 46"   15/3200 LBS.   = $17.43

36" X 52"   18/3000 LBS.   = $18.68

42" X 46"   19/2500 LBS.   = $20.57

42" X 52"   22/2500 LBS.   = $21.69

42" X 58"   23/2500 LBS.   = $25.71

48" X 46"   22/2500 LBS.   = $22.45

48" X 52"   24/2500 LBS.   = $25.71

48" X 58"   27.5/2500 LBS.   = $32.53


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